In response to the Daily Prompt on Carousel.

via Daily Prompt: Carousel The Oxford Dictionary gives one definition of carousel as "A tournament in which groups of knights took part in demonstrations of equestrian skills".  The riders moved on horseback in a circle, attempting various tests of skill for the approval of judges and audience. Sounds like an academic writing competition. I survived a few …

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“We’re sorry, but your paper does not demonstrate academic rigour…it’s too creative and outside the box”.

I have never been able to get this paper published; partly because I employ Coyote woman as an auto-ethnographic voice to guide both the reader and the writer to a place of discovery (too creative), and mostly because doing this places the paper on the fringe of academic acceptance. This article describes the ethnographic journey of a middle aged white woman, wandering through Coyote territory.

Post PhD Publish or Perish

Historically, publish or perish was the constant chant heard by wanna-be tenure candidates. Today it seems that even though universities are not hiring as many tenure track professionals, sessional instructors are learning that publish or perish is important for their CV as well. You've been working for five years as a sessional instructor, picking up the 100 …

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Are Canadian universities preparing PhD’s for non-professoriate careers?

While universities and colleges continue to withhold full time continuing faculty positions in favor of sessional hires, graduating students are facing the realization that they may need to pursue non-teaching careers; despite their dreams of  paying off their student loans with a middle income position. But are they prepared to enter the non-academic or 'real …

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